Sunday, 6 November 2011

At the Movies...

Today, I read the sad news that Sarah Watt had passed away after a battle with cancer. R.I.P

This had me thinking throughout much of today about movies. I love movies. I love the escapism from everyday living for a few hours at a time.

I get really into the film - I have to confess, I love tear jerkers & dramas. Animal movies, I do not cope with at all! I refuse to watch 'Water for Elephants'. I was absolutely inconsolable in movies such as 'Two Brothers', 'Eight Below' and well, don't get me started on 'Born Free!!!

I love a good musical!

I very rarely take a disliking to a film - I do not analyse it, I very rarely criticise an actor's performance. I think it's because I get so, so involved in each of the characters that I don't have time to have a look at how bad the actor may be. I often find myself taking in the background and immersing myself into the scenery. Oh, to be a Cinematographer! I will always remember our very own Dean Semler getting the Oscar for Best Cinematography at the 1991 Academy Awards for 'Dances with Wolves' - I truly believe this was the start of my dream of one day winning an Oscar myself. I am still hanging onto that dream... It can happen.

My favorite films? I have many! I sat down today to again think about my top 10 favorite films (I also did this a couple of weeks ago)... My top 10 does change from time to time. My No. 1 favorite film has stood firm in it's place for many years now.

10. Whalerider
 9. Twelve Angry Men
8. Jaws
7. Schindler's List
6. Lorenzo's Oil
5. Freedom Writers
4. The Color Purple
3. In The Name of the Father
2. To Kill A Mockingbird
1. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

These films really got me at the heart - had me thinking about the story for days on end, okay, Jaws in an exception - I fell in love with the soundtrack and how certain scenes were filmed, especially the scene where Sheriff Brody is sitting on the beach getting a neck massage from his wife. A scream is heard in the background & the 'Dolly in & Zoom out' technique is used - love it! So effective. I believe Alfred Hitchcock was the first to use this technique for 'Vertigo'.

I spent many of my Saturday nights whilst growing up watching 'Bill Collins Golden Years of Hollywood' - I loved watching all these old Classics! 'Johnny Belinda', 'Dark Victory' & 'Gaslight' are some that always stuck with me after watching them for the first time on all those Saturday Nights.

Although, none are in the top 10 - I absolutely love watching Australian films. The very first one I recall watching was 'The Devil's Playground' - I just loved the rawness of it. 'Storm Boy', well I was a mess! 'The Man From Snowy River' is breathtaking, I actually get all choked up in a few scenes - it is so beautifully shot and the soundtrack is amazing! So many of them are so enjoyable and some are so confronting, 'Strictly Ballroom', 'Muriel's Wedding', 'Animal Kingdom', 'The Boys', 'Cosi' 'Looking for Alibrandi', 'Caddie', 'Careful, He Might Hear You', 'Gallipolli', 'The Sum of Us', 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' - oh, I could go on!

I seriously could write FOREVER on films and all it's different aspects but I shan't! 

I will never become a film critic - I don't feel that's what films are for. For me, it's escapism, it's to allow you to laugh, cry, get angry, dance! Yep, I am a simple kinda gal...

It's not in my top 10, but it's up there, a bit of 'Wizard of Oz' - I have been in love with Judy Garland for as long as I can remember!!!!...

'The movies we love and admire are to some extent a function of who we are when we see them' - Mary Schmich.


  1. Love this blog post, so good!!! :-)

    And we must go to the movies together sometime xxx

  2. What about "The year my voice broke", "the year of living dangerously", "Romper Stomper"...Oooh I could go on!...Great read BTW. XX

  3. Ah, thank you Andrew & yes, let's do the movies very soon xx

    Thanks, Fee and oh, of course, 'Romper Stomper'!! Very confronting film.. I will have to watch 'The Year My Voice Broke' again with subtitles - I saw it at the movies and was very lost! Couldn't follow it at all.. I have not seen 'The Year of Living Dangerously', I want to, but the DVD doesn't have subtitles! grrrr xx